Posted by: Justin S | September 27, 2011

Another new Invention Idea “The Stargazers Passport”

This invention idea is a passport sized book where amateur astronomers can log the objects they see in the night sky with their telescope or binoculars. In the passport there will be areas that have a space object, info about that object and a spot to log the time, date, equipment used, and location that individual saw that object. There are thousands of objects both in our solar system and in the deep sky so Iam going to start off with a passport with the planets and Messier objects. If this is something you would be interested in just let me know. I am also open to discussion, questions, and comments by people interested in this idea. I will have some sample pages added when I get them made.


I just came up with a new invention this weekend for pets and the pet minded business. It is a chain up area for dogs where a customer who is walking a dog could attach a leashed dog to a mount outside the store. The mount would also have a place to put water for the dogs. This would be great for businesses to attract customers who are out for a stroll with their dog.
Expanding on this idea would be small fenced in areas for pet owners to take their pets out around their own home where the pet wouldn’t destroy areas of their yard. Also good for people who live in apartments, condos, or townhomes where space is limited and they need a safe place to keep their pets indoors or on a porch or balcony. The main advantage is ease of cleaning up a pet mess. If you like this idea let me know.

Note:  The Barking lot was already taken for a name so I changed it to a new name.  I am also open to other names too.

Posted by: Justin S | September 15, 2011

Join The Club Business Idea

My next business idea “Join The Club



Join The Club products provide the individual with a high-end brand  while offering the additional opportunity to reach out to others with similar interests.

Now my next business idea I am working on is for a logo brand called Join The Club.  This idea is similar to the life is good brand but has a flag with a letter “C” in the flag.  Also whoever orders a shirt, hat or other apparel item with the logo can have their hobby or interest in words added to that item.  This instills ownership in the customer’s hobby.  Below are two examples of how a hat may look.  I am looking forward to all feedback on the different designs of the word placement of these two samples. 

Sample LogoSample

The colors and the hobby/interest can be changed to the person’s liking.  My two examples have the hobby Mountain Bike and Fitness as well as a high contrast color scheme to show off the logo design. 

This business will have an e-commerce website to order Join The Club apparel as well as a forum where people who label their hobby or interest can also start a discussion about their hobby.  This will enable people with similar interests to meet and share these interests. There will also be links to a Facebook page and Twitter account for promotions and discounts.

Join The Club now enables people to show off their hobby or interest to others in a unique and fashionable way.

Future plans for this business include expanding the Join The Club brand to apparel including shirts, hats, beanies, belts, purses, handbags, and jewelery items all with the logo representing the Join The Club Brand. 

I would also be ok to see the Join The Club brand in a major department store such as Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Target, or J.

If you are reading this post and would like to become an investor in this lucrative business, feel free to contact me and if you just want to support Join The Club by purchasing an item let me know and I will get you the item you would like.

There will be an update when this business is up and running where you can order Join The Club apparel.  All comments on this business idea are appreciated.

Posted by: Justin S | August 4, 2011

My Dream Rolling

This is the first article in a series of posts that describe my invention and business ideas in hopes someone will read and help me live my American Dream.  In turn if I get these ideas going it will help the US by providing either new jobs or help existing jobs become stable.  Both lead to increased jobs that help others live their American Dream too.

Invention Idea:  The Gamers Powerhouse

The Gamers Powerhouse is an invention idea I came up with that I feel will be a major success in both the individual gaming household but with families as well.  Anyone with multiple game systems including the old ones from the 1980’s and 1990’s.  The Gamers Powerhouse is essentially a game console hub where you can plug up to 4 game systems in at one time and 4 coax or older style game systems in to one tv all at once.  The Gamers Powerhouse has one set of output cables so only one input into the tv is necessary.  This allows multiple game systems to be plugged into the tv without tying up other inputs to that tv.

The layout of this invention is unique because it allows the complete game console to be connected into this hub.  The Gamers Powerhouse has an 8 outlet surge protected power strip on the top of the box so other plugs from audio/video equipment can be connected as well as the game systems.  This unit has Audio/Video connections for RCA, Component Video, HDMI, and COAX as inputs to the Gamers Powerhouse.  The outputs to the TV are the same as the inputs with one exception.  That is the Coax inputs are linked to the RCA output so the analog signal coming from the older game systems can be converted to digital and used on the new digital TV’s.   The Gamers Powerhouse also has a wired and wireless hub so video games that connect to the internet can be used.  Finally The Gamers Powerhouse has an internal switching unit where only one game system can be played at a time even if another game system gets turned on.

These two figures show the basic idea of each component of the Gamers Powerhouse.  The first figure is a sketch of the electrical block diagram and how game consoles are connected to the Gamers Powerhouse and then to the TV and power supply.  The second figure is a rough sketch of The Gamers Powerhouse visually.  This is basically what it would look like if it were built. 

Gamers Powerhouse Fig 1

The Gamers Powerhouse Fig 2

The Gamers powerhouse has a competitive advantage over other audio/video and network hubs because it combines this technology into one neat package around the size of a VCR.  I would expect the cost to be around the price of a video game or the $50 to $60 range so it would be affordable to everyone.  This idea is just an idea for now and is only on paper until I can get investment capital to protect, prototype, and market this product.  If you are an investor reading this post and are interested in helping me with my American Dream I would be happy to hear from you.

Posted by: Justin S | March 14, 2011

America’s Dream?

Does America have a dream?

“We The People…” These are the first three words of the preamble to the constitution of our great country.

I believe America does have a dream.  It is the dream of prosperity, a dream of opportunity, a dream of a new life, a dream of freedom, and a dream of the future.  America’s dream was started by its people who dreamed of these five important virtues.  They brought their dream to life and now the dream lives in anyone who believes in these virtues.


Every American has goals to get what they want.  It could be anything from a house to a car to one of the latest gadgets.  These goals and the achievement of these goals is what makes people prosperous.  In America people who dream of prosperity and achieve it show that America itself dreams and achieves prosperity.  The life and blood of America is its people.  America is just a place but the people are what makes America a country.  The government makes it tough to be prosperous because it wants to take more and more of what you have through taxes.  Just to buy something there  could be taxes from your city, county, state, and depending on what you are buying even federal taxes.  Also when you work you get taxed on your prosperity (income) by the federal government, and in most cases your state government.  It is understandable for there to be some tax to provide for certain items such as military, police, fire, and roads but how much is enough?  Where do we as Americans draw the line on too many taxes.


America has always been said to and continues to be the land of opportunity.  I belive this is still true today but it has become more difficult to do so.  Because of increased government oversight of multiple levels of government regulation the dream of opportunity has become a daunting task.  First there are Federal laws, then State laws, and finally City laws.  There may even be laws from multiple different branches of the government such as the FDA, FAA, and other local government seats.  If you want to open a business who do you have to go to first to see if you could even open that business where you want to.  Next comes how to borrow the money and who to borrow it from.  Most banks and financial institutions are again run by and have to follow the rules set up by the government.  Right now it seems that if you want the opportunity to open a business you the government is telling you what you can and can’t do by limiting financial resources and overregulation of many business sectors.  There is opportunity to earn a living by working for an established company but little opportunity to start your own business unless it is one that fits the profile of a good American business that the government deems ok.

New Life

America’s dream is a dream of new life.  This country was founded by immigrants who had a dream of a new life and found that new life.  Unfortunately in the past many Americans were brought here as slaves but because the people of this country saw this practice was bad we made slavery illegal in America and now the slaves like all Americans are free.  They were able to share in the American dream and have a new life here too.  The dream of a new life has brought many new people here and with that new innovation but sometimes people try to and do succeed at starting a new life in this country illegally.  This is not good for two reasons.  First the undocumented people who come here illegally are breaking the law.  It is not right to do this and shows they can not be trusted if the first thing they do coming to this country is break the law.  Second these illegal immigrants use resources such as jobs and healthcare without having the right to do so.  Most americans are already looking for work to start and continue a life and that is being taken away from those people.  Also most americans have to pay for their healthcare and their insurance rates and the cost to go to a doctor for these services is increasing because of the illegal immigrants using these services and not paying for them.  Well someone ends up paying for it and the americans who already pay for their own pay for those illegals through higher rates.  I do not think this is the kind of new life the founders of this country were dreaming of.


Freedom is the number one dream America has.  The freedom from religious persecution, the freedom from taxation without representation, and a free market to achieve the American dream.  Due to increasing government expansion and regulation America’s dream of freedom is becoming smaller and smaller.  America is no longer able to many things it was once able to do as efficiently as it had.  A good example is how long it has taken just to approve plans and break ground on the reconstruction of the World Trade Center.  Just the approval of the plans took almost 10 years.  In the early 1900’s another large building was built but it only took 1 year to design and 18 months to build.  This building was the tallest building of the time and had fewer resources to build it but is still stands today.  The building that was completed so quickly is the Empire State Building.  The difference was not the money or manpower but the freedom from the government that allowed this great building to be built in such an efficient manner.  America is losing its freedom slowly and if it continues to do so there will no longer be an American dream because freedom is the foundation of America.

America’s Future

With all that has been said what is America’s future?  The founders of this country thought the future of this country was a strong leader in the world based on the people who were citizens of the country.  They founded the worlds most prosperous, innovative, opportunistic, and most free country.  I believe we the people of this country not the government of this country have the power to continue the dream that is America.



This blog is the last of my blog series on the American dream.  I am starting a new blog series that showcases all my invention and business ideas in hopes that one of my ideas will be seen and I can pursue my dream of being a successful inventor and entrepreneur.


Posted by: Justin S | February 21, 2011

My American Dream

First of all I am already living the American Dream.  I have a stable job, a loving family, a house, and all I need to be happy.  I do not need anything more to complete my American Dream.  I do, however have a drive to reach my full potential and go as far as I can in life.  This is my reason for continuing on the path of success.

This path has led me to start a new business.  The name of this business is Altitude Oxygen Bar and I am in the process of finding startup capital to open this business.  Due to the recent downturn in the economy banks and other financial institutions have stopped lending money for startup businesses such as mine.  I am having a difficult time finding and raising capital for this new venture but I hope there is a company out there who will see this as a good low risk business to start-up. 

Here is a brief description of what Altitude Oxygen Bar is and what I plan to do with it as a business.   I plan to open at a mall which is free advertising and high traffic.   I plan on starting with one location until I pay off the loan debt and if successful open more locations around town.  If Altitude Oxygen Bar does well enough in malls and other high traffic areas such as movie theaters I plan to rent out oxygen units to spa’s and fitness centers further expanding the business and increasing visual awareness.  The potential for a successful oxygen bar is high due to air in cities getting more polluted and the need for consumers to find ways to breathe cleaner air.  There are also health benefits to breathing cleaner air such as stronger immune system and general wellness all around. 

I believe starting a new business of this nature not only will help people be healthy but also help build the community by opening a social atmosphere, creating jobs, and spurring economic growth.  This is something our country needs right now and the best way to grow as a country is adding business.

Posted by: Justin S | February 18, 2011

A Journey to Pursue The American Dream

I am starting this post to document my pursuit of the American Dream.  What defines the American dream?  Everyone has their own idea of the American dream but I believe this dream is what makes America the country it is today.  Opportunity is my American dream.  I believe everyone is given the same opportunity in this country to pursue what they want in life so here I am starting on the path of opportunity.

I am an inventor and budding entrepreneur who is using my ideas to get where I want in life and ultimately pursue my American Dream.  Here I will broadcast my triumphs and failures in my inventions and business ideas because I want the world to see what it takes to pursue and have the American Dream.

I will update and post my journey every couple of days or when anything exciting happens.  Today is my first post and two of my inventions are in a competition to be marketed and sold.  I am on step 4 of 8 and will update each step I pass or get stopped on.  I am also searching for investors for one of my business ideas so I will post on the outcome of that as well.  So far not too many lenders are in the mood to finance startup small businesses.  I hope this changes soon.


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